Biographical note

Having completed my BA (Hons) degree in 3D Design I moved into education, teaching the use of art as  therapeutic medium in psychiatry.  My particular interest is ceramics though I also have worked in other media such as batik, glass and painting.

I worked with Occupational Therapy Students Teaching Art

I have recently held workshops for the ex- homeless Teaching Art 2013

Exhibitions have included St Helens College of Art,

The Roundhouse Tutbury,

Staffordshire Polytechnic

Morley College 2011 (London Potters),

Richmond Art Society 2011, Redlees Gallery 2011,

Morley College 2012 (London Potters),

Redlees Gallery 2012,

Riverside gallery Barnes  2012

Landmark Arts Centre Twickenham 2012

Morley College 2013 (London Potters),

Redlees Gallery 2013,

Redlees Gallery 2014, Five Artists ,Summer Show


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